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The longer you postpone paying off your debt- the more the interest will accrue. Settle your debt as soon as possible.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to make a payment arrangement. Let's start today!

payment methods available for your convenience

Debit Order


Commit to a monthly Debit Order deduction. This way you do not have to set reminders to make payments or go to the bank- it is all done for you. 



Want to make a Direct payment? Comment 'EFT" in the Payment option request box below and we will send you the banking details.



You can even go to a selected local store to do  your payments. Find the selcted  Pay@ stores below. Please note: You require a unique reference from us before you can do the payment at any of the selected stores.

Selected Pay@ Stores




Submit your payment option request

Submit your required payment option and we will contact you to provide the relevant information (Outstanding balance, reference number etc.)

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